2017 Street Scramble Gig Harbor


90 minutes or 3-hours.

On foot or bike.

Street Scramble Gig Harbor is the most popular Street Scramble of the year! Part of its popularity is likely due to the fact that Tom Taylor Family YMCA supports the event in order to make it FREE to all participants (yes, this Street Scramble is FREE!). But, part of its popularity is surely the allure of the beautiful maritime city of Gig Harbor.

On the shores of Puget Sound, fifty minutes south of Seattle, Gig Harbor offers waterfront parks, harbors filled with sailboats, an incredible view of Mt.Rainier, and cozy small town appeal. In fact, Gig Harbor has its small town appeal so dialed in, that Smithsonian Magazine named Gig Harbor one of the best small towns in the United States!