2020 Street Scramble Fremont


September 18 – October 18

90 minutes on foot.

Scramble whenever you want!
Scramble however you want!
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Fremont is Seattle’s quirkiest neighborhood. Nestled along the north side of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, the heart of Fremont is a mix of small homes converted to coffee shops and quiet campuses for large companies such as Adobe and Google. While exploring the proudly self-titled “center of the universe,” you might encounter an 18′ troll, a surprisingly strong scent of chocolate, a neon Rapunzel, and signs telling you to “set your watch forward five minutes,” “set your watch back five minutes,” and to simply, “throw your watch away.” (Hang on to your watch, you’ll need it for the event!)

Fremont Oktoberfest is canceled for 2020, but that isn’t stopping us and our friends at Bold Hat Productions from scheming how to bring you great experiences in fun neighborhoods like Fremont. What better way to beat pandemic cabin fever than a virtual Street Scramble event in Fremont! Once you complete the FREE registration, we’ll send you a link (starting the morning of September 18) to download a map and question sheet you can print at home or view on your phone. Then you get to enjoy the same funky neighborhood flair, the same challenge to maximize your score in 90 minutes by strategically navigating a course packed with checkpoints, and the same choice of going solo or in a team with your household or pod. But you get to do it at a time of your own choosing!

Feeling competitive?  Send us your answer sheet with your elapsed time and answers circled, and we’ll score it and post results on this page, so that you can see how you stack up in the standings.