Street Scramble Ballard


90-min or 3-hours

On foot or bike

Street Scramble Ballard is one of three* Street Scramble events that coincides with a festival! Street Scramble Ballard takes place on the weekend of the 17th of May Festival in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. The festival is one of the largest celebrations of Norway’s Constitution Day outside of Norway! In addition to exploring all the unique landmarks of Ballard, such as the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, the red brick streets of Old Ballard, and Edith Macefield’s house that inspired the movie Up, you’ll also see Ballard decked out in Scandinavian flags.

*The other Street Scramble events coinciding with a festival is Street Scramble Fremont Oktoberfest and Street Scramble Redmond (Derby Days)!