Street Scramble Bellevue


June 22-October 4

Scramble whenever you want!
Scramble however you want!
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After our events based in Crossroads several years ago, it has been a long time since Street Scramble visited Bellevue.  This time we’ll start near downtown for a fresh experience.

Summer is almost here, and gathering in groups is still not allowed.  No problem—we still have you covered with another socially distanced Street Scramble event!

As we did with our U-District season opener, we’re keeping everything that makes Street Scramble great, just without the crowds! Try urban adventuring on your own—and at your own pace—and get some much-needed exercise and fresh air!

Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. On the morning of June 20 22 (two days after the original event date), we’ll post checkpoint maps and questions and send the download link to anyone who registers or is already registered.
  2. Print ’em out (or view on your phone), and head over to Bellevue anytime you want between June 20 22 and October 4.
  3. Explore Bellevue downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods! Find quirky checkpoints! You can run, walk, bike, whatever!
  4. Share your experience with us! Either by email or over on our Facebook page!

However, please follow all city, county, state, and federal recommendations for social distancing during your participation. Participate individually or in small groups of people who you are already in close contact with. Keep a safe distance of 6-feet from other participants and pedestrians. If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or exposed to suspected or confirmed persons with the disease, please do not participate. If you are at high risk of infection, please do not participate.