Street Scramble Edmonds


90-min or 3-hr on Foot or Bike

How many checkpoints can you find before time runs out?

Street Scramble is an urban adventure that’s fun for runners, walkers, and families! Dozens of checkpoints are marked on a special map and your goal is to find as many as you can within the time limit. Whether you sprint or stroll is up to you! Participate solo or in teams of 2-5, for 90 minutes or 3 hours, on foot or by bike. Join us for another great neighborhood adventure in Edmonds!

Cradled by Puget Sound, Edmonds is a small seaside community with views of both the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. Here you’ll find sailboats bobbing at the marina and ferries gliding by on their way to Kingston. Around town, there is much art to see! Edmonds is a vibrant and active art community thanks to the annual Edmonds Arts Festival which attracts over 50,000 visitors and the Edmonds Center for the Arts which supports over 65,000 patrons annually.

As the birthplace of famous travel writer, Rick Steves, you’re bound to see some fantastic sites in Edmonds!