Join us for five fun events in 2020!

03.02.20 Written By: Eric Bone
Join us for five fun events in 2020!

The crocuses have poked their bright heads out of the soil, buds are sprouting, trees are blossoming, and nearby blooms coax our attention to the present moment with their perfumes as we stroll down the sidewalk. Spring is in the air, and that means the start of Street Scramble season is near!

We have five different and fun events on our calendar this year, and we’re making it easier for you to keep track of what’s coming up next on the schedule with add-to-calendar links.

Here is what we have for you:

Street Scramble events Google Calendar (view in web browser)

  1. For Google Calendar users, here’s a link to add Street Scramble to your list of “other calendars”
  2. For users of other calendar applications, here’s a link to download an iCal (.ics) file (~20 kB) of the events

Add-to-calendar links for each event

Okay, here’s the list of events. The first link, clicking the event name, adds the event to your Google calendar, and the second downloads an iCal (.ics) file, which is a text file in a format that can be imported into Outlook, Google calendar, and many other calendaring applications.

3/29/2020 – Street Scramble University District – download iCal (.ics)
5/23/2020 – Street Scramble Gig Harbor – download iCal (.ics)
6/20/2020 – Street Scramble Bellevue – download iCal (.ics)
9/20/2020 – Street Scramble Fremont Oktoberfest – download iCal (.ics)
12/12/2020 – Street Scramble at the Market – download iCal (.ics)

The Street Scramble events Google calendar will be updated with any changes to dates, times, distances, or other event details that may occur, so an advantage of subscribing is that the information stays up-to-date. Whereas we won’t be updating the individual add-to-calendar links and iCal files (and of course we’re hoping we won’t need to.)

We know it can be challenging to balance participating in events with other time commitments, all while dealing with the increasing amount of information that we have access toβ€”and that we often receive whether we like it or notβ€”so we hope these calendaring tools will make it easier for you to select and track the events you’re interested in.

Happy exploring in 2020!