MerGeo is a Seattle-based company that produces both private and public events that promote exploration of the outdoors, whether wooded or urban. From four kilometer trail runs to 24-hour navigation races, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for beginners to engage with the outdoors, while also creating opportunities for veterans to stretch themselves.

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  • Sample some of Washington's most beautiful trails! Northwest Trail Runs events offer a gamut of trail run distances and venues, from four kilometer jaunts in Seattle parks, to 100-kilometer ultra runs in rugged scabland terrain. All Northwest Trail Run events feature courses designed to be fun, scenic, and interesting, with the runner experience in mind.

  • Experience the scenic rewards of travelling off-trail to find checkpoints using only map and compass! MerGeo Nav Races produces navigation events (also known as "rogaines") from 2 hours to 24 hours in unique and interesting terrain all over Washington State. MerGeo Nav Races also prides itself on being an educational resource by producing hands-on practical navigation clinics, both public and private.

  • Turn the neighborhood into an adventure! Street Scramble is an all-ages challenge to find as many checkpoints as you can with 90 minutes or 3 hours. Whether you are on foot or bike, fast or slow, solo or in a team, Street Scramble will show you all the fun niches in the neighborhood. Street Scramble is also a fantastic team-building tool, and is also offered as a private or contracted event.